Friday, June 8, 2012

Social, Schmocial !!

Coalescing your online presence is certainly more of a hassle than I expected...  I wanted to coordinate:

Blogger Wordpress
 into a personal website where all content is synced.  How is it this challenging for a tech-savvy kid like myself. Hootsuite can get me Twitter, Facebook, and LinkIn but Google+ is on an island linked to Blogger.

My website can integrate with APIs for all of these but I am still surprised by the lack of all inclusive management solutions for all 4 of my target social platforms.  I am giving you that blogging platforms vary alot but I would think that wordpress, blogger, etc. would be found on Hootsuite with some basic options.

Alas, I will continue to rebuild my personal site and blog until I can better unite these kingdoms.  Perhaps I will just have to be happy "swivel chairing" updates around these tools.  Or remove some of them as targets for integration.  Which would you drop from your list?